Ready Mixes


I use the following ready mixes from The Honest Kitchen a few times a week. It is a great alternative to making your buddy's food from scratch. I have researched this company, their products and their ethics. It is perfect for the busy household or while travelling.

Some items I always have in my pantry:

For protein I add:

  • pan fried tempeh
  • sauteed tofu (firm, non GMO)
  • pumpkin seed protein powder
  • hemp seeds

The following need to be well cooked:

  • mashed green chickpeas
  • mashed edamame
  • mashed green peas
  • mashed lentils
  • mashed black eyed peas

You might prefer to feed fish a couple of times a week. The Honest Kitchen has a ready mix with fish and coconut - this is a great mix and really basic.


I believe very strongly in the products from The Honest Kitchen. Request a free sample and try them out for yourself!


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