Easy high protein soufflé

Easy High-Protein Soufflé

This recipe is for 2 - 80 lb dogs and very interchangeable.

YAMS: Prepare 2 yams - peel, quarter them length wise. Mix 3 tbs of olive oil with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in large bowl. Add yams to bowl and coat well. Arrange on cookie sheet and bake at 400 F for about 40 min - together with the soufflé (recipe below).

SOUFFLÈ: Take 3 cups of Quinoa (that was my left over!) - or you can use millet or brown rice instead. Grate 2 to 3 large carrots. Mix in 2 tbs of good olive oil and place in oiled glass or ceramic oven proof container. Whisk 4 - 5 eggs with about 1/4 c of water
pour over the mix.

Place in oven at 400F - for about 40 min.

Feed when cooled to room temperature with the cut up yams.

I usually do this the night before and its ready for their breakfast.